Josh Ochs teaches students and educators how to Shine Online and the power of AI/ChatGPT

Josh’s online safety books are available on Amazon and his message teaches parents, students and professionals how to use social media with a purpose, so they can shine online to get their dream job/career

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Josh Ochs teaches students how to shine online

Josh shows students positive examples they can use to have fun online while impressing future colleges and employers

Talking to students about their future, instead of telling them what to do

Instead of lecturing students on how to behave online, Josh talks to students about their future and how their digital footprint can have an impact. Josh shows students why they need to use social media with a purpose instead of a pass time. When students become ambassadors of their own digital safety they begin to make smarter choices online.

Showing students the positive side of social media

The negative effects of social media on teens and tweens can be obvious for parents and educators but there are rarely discussions around the positive impact of social media. When Josh speaks at your organization, he’ll show students how social media can be used to create a positive resume of accomplishments. 

Teaching parents how to navigate all of the bad apps that show up weekly

Instead of relying on software to keep students safe, Josh shows parents how they can protect their children on 40+ popular apps. He’ll walk parents through the dangers of each app, where teens might be hiding their activity from parents, and how parents can keep their children safe. Josh covers all of the top teen apps and his safety techniques work on any network. 

Helping parents protect their kids from too much screen time

The biggest struggle parents and educators have when it comes to online safety is setting screen time guidelines. Josh takes a deep dive into building a healthy relationship with screen time and shares techniques for modeling positive behaviors, empowering students to self-regulate, and getting students excited about partaking in offline activities.

Showing students and parents where their online footprint can take them in the future

A student’s online footprint can shape their reputation—and their college opportunities—in ways they might not anticipate. Using real and engaging stories, Josh shows students and parents how their digital footprint can help or hurt their future.  

Josh Ochs is the author of 6 books that teach the world how to Shine Online™

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